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Introduction. 1. The World of Communication. 2. Perception and Communication. 3. Communication and Personal Identity. 4. Listening. 5. The Verbal Dimensions of Communication. 6. The Nonverbal Dimensions of Communication. 7. Communication and Culture.
Part II: INTERPERSONAL, GROUP, AND MASS COMMUNICATION. 8. Foundations of Interpersonal Communication. 9. Communication in Personal Relationships. 10. Foundations of Group and Team Communication. 11. Effective Communication in Task Groups and Teams. 12. Communication in Organizations. 13. Mass Communication and Media Literacy.
Part III: PUBLIC COMMUNICATION. 14. Planning Public Speaking. 15. Researching and Developing Support for Public Speeches. 16. Organizing and Presenting Public Speeches. 17. Informative Speaking. 18. Persuasive Speaking. Closing: Pulling Ideas Together. Appendix A: Annotated Sample Speeches. Appendix B: Interviewing. Glossary. References. Index.

COMMUNICATION IN OUR LIVES, 5e, International Edition, provides everything you need to strengthen your interpersonal, group, public speaking, and media literacy skills--and demonstrates the value of communication in your life. Award-winning, forward-thinking scholar Julia T. Wood focuses on helping you develop vital communication skills while exploring the latest research and theory of today's most prominent communication scholars, including current developments in cultural and social diversity and the impact of technology on communication. This popular text features an engaging, personal tone, highly readable style, and frequent Student Voice sections that explore how other students have experienced key communication concepts. It is also packed with interactive, online study tools that can help you explore human communication and become a more confident and effective communicator.


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