Thinking Strategically.pdf

Thinking Strategically.pdf


David J. Collis is a professor in the strategy unit at the Harvard Business School, where he teaches the MBA and in Executive Education programs. He is an expert on corporate strategy and global competition, and is the author of the recent books Corporate Strategy and Corporate Headquarters. His work has been frequently published in the Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, European Management Journal, and in many books, including Managing the Multibusiness Company, International Competitiveness, and Beyond Free Trade.

To be a successful manager, you need to master the skills that characterize strategic thinking--from examining situations to interpreting information--and know how to apply those skills on the job. In Thinking Strategically, you'll learn to:

Understand what strategic thinking is and why it is valuable
View strategic thinking as a process
Recognize the personal traits, behaviors, attitudes, and cognitive capacities that strategic thinkers demonstrate


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