新航道•新航道学校指定新托福TOEFL iBT培训教材:新托福听力真经3.pdf

新航道•新航道学校指定新托福TOEFL iBT培训教材:新托福听力真经3.pdf



托福网考(TOEFL iBT)介绍 /Ⅱ
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Listen to part of a conversation between a student and an academic advisor.
W: Mr. Patel, I’m here for my appointment.
M: Come on in, Michelle. What can I do for you?
W: 01 I want to talk to you about possibly dropping one of my classes.
M: Which one?
W: Organic Chemistry. I really want to do well in the course, but right now I’m not sure I can even get a passing grade in the class. I flunked the first midterm.
M: How many credits are you taking this semester?
W: 15, but if I drop O-Chem, I’ll be down to 11 credits.
M: You know that you need to take at least 12 credits a semester in order to be considered a full-time student. Is there something going on in your life that’s interfering with your school work?
W: 02 Well, I wouldn’t say it’s interfering. I play on the varsity basketball team for the school, and I’m having a hard time juggling my basketball time commitments and my school work. And I know I need to maintain at least a C average to keep my basketball scholarship.
M: I didn’t know that you’re here on a basketball scholarship. I guess keeping your grades up is very important to you. So, what position do you play? How is the season going?
W: I play point guard for the team. We’re doing pretty well so far this season. All of our starters are returning from last year, and I think that we have a good shot at making it to the playoffs.
M: That’s great. How did you manage your time last semester?
W: Pretty well, because basketball season hadn’t officially started yet. 02 Now that it’s winter, I don’t even have time to sleep.
M: So, when would you take O-Chem again?
W: I was thinking of taking it during summer school, when I can concentrate fully on the class and not be distracted by anything else.
M: 03 If you drop O-Chem, you need another course to meet the 12-credit requirement to keep your scholarship, too. Any thoughts on what you would take instead of O-Chem?
W: I was thinking of taking a seminar or survey course on a pass-fail basis for one unit.
M: That would work. However, the shopping period for classes is over, and you’ll have to get your O-Chem professor’s permission to drop the class. Here’s the form to drop the class. Have your professor sign the form, and return it to the registrar’s office by Friday.
W: What about the class I need to add?
M: Do you have any specific seminars in mind?
W: No, not really. I haven’t had a chance to look over the course catalog yet.
M: 04 There’s a very interesting seminar that does a survey on the major world religions. Or if you really like music, the music appreciation seminar is taught by a very talented graduate student in music. I’ve heard only positive things about the seminar, and all the students ell me that they learned so much about music. I don’t think either class would count towards your major requirements, but I think they might fulfill one of your breadth requirements.
W: Okay. I’ll check out both of those seminars and see which one fits better into my schedule.
M: While you’re here, you should take the form to add a class.
05When you figure out which seminar you want to take, have the instructor or professor sign the form and return it to the registrar’s office as well.
W: I feel a lot better now that I’ve talked to you.
M: I’m glad I could help. 05 Just make sure that you return those forms to the registrar’s office y Friday. Otherwise, you won’t be able to drop O-Chem, and you’ll be stuck with the lass for the rest of this semester.
W: I’ll make sure that I return the forms by the end of this week. Thanks again.
• drop 放弃,漏掉
• Organic Chemistry 有机化学
• passing grade 及格分
• flunk(考试)落榜,砸了
• semester 学期
• credit 学分
• full-time student 全日制学生
• interfere 干涉,妨碍
• varsity(大学、高中的)代表队
• commitment (金钱、时间、人力的)投入,贡献
• scholarship 奖学金
• starter(开始赛跑的)选手,主力
• distract 让⋯⋯分心
• requirement 必要条件,必需
• permission 允许,许可
• registrar’s office 教务处
• graduate student 研究生
• breadth requirement 选修
• be stuck with 被困住了

《新航道•新托福听力真经3》主要包含两大部分:第一部分为Test Book,收录了10套完整的听力全真模拟题,从听力材料到题目设置,都力求最大限度地贴近真实考试,从而帮助考生达到演练的最佳效果。第二大部分为Answer Book,为10套模拟题提供了完整的听力原文和详细的答案解析,不仅标出了题目答案在听力原文中的对应之处,而且题目及选项都附有中文翻译,帮助考生更加透彻地理解题目;技巧和解题思路点拨可以教给考生有用的答题方法,从而达到举一反三的目的。此外,本部分还将听力原文中涉及到的精华核心词汇予以提炼汇总,让考生在做题的同时夯实词汇基础,进而提升听力技能。


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