The End of the Euro: The Uneasy Future of the European Union.pdf

The End of the Euro: The Uneasy Future of the European Union.pdf


The End of the Euro begins with an overview of the birth of the euro itself. Understanding this history is essential to understand the anomalies built into the project from the beginning. These anomalies form the subject of chapter two, along with how they led to the situation that turned Greece, Portugal, and Spain into euro-destroying economic disaster areas. Chapter three shows how this was not an unforeseeable situation, as Europe’s history is filled with earlier failed attempts to build monetary unions. Chapter four is focused on Germany, by far the most important country within EMU, and why the chances of Germany leaving the union are much higher than is generally assumed. The book concludes with an analysis of what lies in wait for the remains of the monetary union — and for a deeply divided and troubled continent in general. Either the EMU transforms itself fundamentally or it disintegrates.

Johan Van Overtveldt, PhD, is editor-in-chief and managing director of Trends, Belgium’s leading weekly on business and economics. He has published several books in Dutch and contributes to the Wall Street Journal Europe and other publications. He is also the author of Bernanke's Test (Agate B2, 2009) and The Chicago School (Agate B2, 2007).


Chapter I: The Long March

Chapter II: Dangerously Unfinished Business

Chapter III: "We could have known"

Chapter IV: The Endgame (It's all in Germany's hands)




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