The Rise of Acid Reflux in Asia.pdf

The Rise of Acid Reflux in Asia.pdf


GERD is the most common gastrointestinal disease in the world affecting over 10-20% of the adult population. GERD is often perceived as a Western disease and very little literature available about this disease in the Asian population. With growing obesity and westernization in Asia, the prevalence of GERD is rapidly increasing. With growing morbidity and health care cost there is a significant need for understanding the disease from the Asian perspective. This book would fill the gap in the knowledge on GERD among Asians and will highlight the difference in terms of epidemiology, diagnosis and management of GERD from the Western perspective.  The novel imaging, diagnostic modalities and treatment aspects will be essentially highlighted in this book. It also deals about the pathogenesis and risk factors of Asians for the development of GERD which have not been explored before. Another important difference is that the book would be dealing with symptom perception and cultural factors affecting the diagnosis and management of this common disorder. Finally, the surgical outcomes of GERD among Asians will be discussed. Information on these topics is limited.

Prateek Sharma is professor of medicine, division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology VA Medical Center University of Kansas School of Medicine Kansas City, MO. He was also the program fellowship director in the same department. He has numerous scientific publications and has authored four books apart from contributing chapters to many others. He is a reviewer/editorial board member of various prestigious journals such as: Indian Journal of Gastroenterology, American Journal of Gastroenterology, Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. He is the recepient of Best Doctors in America award 2007-2008, Top Researcher of the Year - Midwest Biomedical Research Foundation, 2004, 2005, American College of Gastroenterology and The American Journal of Gastroenterology - Outstanding Reviewer Award, 2004 and Esophageal Clinical Research Award – Castell Award -American Gastroenterology Association (AGA), 2002.

.-Defining GERD in Asia: different from the West?.-Reasons for the rise of GERD in Asia: Obesity, H pylori and others.-Pathophysiology and acid production in Asians: different from the West? .-Diagnosis of GERD: clinical, pH, impedance: what is the best approach.-Role of endoscopy and advanced imaging in diagnosing GERD.-Medical therapy for GERD in Asian patients.-What to do when medical therapy fails in GERD patients? .-Surgical therapy for GERD in Asia.-Barrett’s esophagus in the Asian population.-Extra-esophageal GERD: myth or reality.-Terminology and cultural issues impacting GERD in Asia (symptom perception, treatment, alternative medicine etc) .-Future of GERD research in Asia


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