Vascular Imaging: A Practical Approach.pdf

Vascular Imaging: A Practical Approach.pdf


The book will take a system-specific approach to the multi-modality imaging of the cerebrovascular area, supra-aortic trunk, aorta, mesenteric and renal arteries, lower extremity arteries, and venous system, along with an important including chapter on dialysis access imaging. It will include contributions from leading imaging and vascular surgery experts on CT, MRI, ultrasound, transcranial Doppler, contrast angiography and venography, and PET. Each chapter will define the roll that specific modalities play in management and follow-up of patients, and present guidelines for study selection in acute versus chronic conditions, and anatomy and pathology features to guide correct descriptions/interpretations and identify anatomical variations.


Virtual Colonoscopy: From concept to implementation.- Global implementation of CTC.- Epidemiology and Screening of Colorectal Cancer.- Implementation and clinical trials in the USA.- Clinical Trials: Europe.- Patient preparation and tagging.- Performing and reporting.- Viewing Methods.- The Controversy Over Flat Lesions.- MR Colonography.- Extracolonic Findings.- Computer-Aided Detection.- Normal Anatomy.- Sessile polyps.- Pedunculated polyps.- Diminutive polyps.- Flat lesions.- Stool, Diverticulosis.- Masses.- Pitfalls and miscellaneous

Dr. Jean Bismuth is an Assistant Professor at the Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center, The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas. Dr. Zsolt Garami, director of the TCD Center at Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center, has been with The Methodist Hospital since 2006.


Cerebrovascular Imaging.- Supraaortic trunk imaging.- Aortic Imaging.- Mesenteric and renal artery imaging.- Lower extremity arterial imaging.- Venous Imaging.- Dialysis access imaging.-


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