Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach.pdf

Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach.pdf


Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-based Approach introduces the subject to undergraduate students undertaking this optional module in their second or third year of study. Problem-based scenarios are utilised throughout in a practical and applied way to bring this complex area of law to life.

All the core topics of this field are covered in depth, and each chapter contains real-life scenarios and case studies to illustrate clearly both how the law can be applied and where the potential pitfalls and challenges lie. The content is presented in readily understandable sections and summarised at regular intervals to ensure that the key points are accessible for students. Sample essay and examination questions, along with free sample annotated answers online, provide ample assessment opportunities. An excellent companion throughout the course, this book is particularly ideal when preparing for seminars and studying in smaller groups when concepts can be discussed and considered in their practical context. Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-based Approach is the ideal guide to this field of law.

Supporting online materials include interactive MCQs, specimen annotated answers to exam questions, additional reading/research references, mooting scenarios, self test questions, and a regularly updated case digest to enhance the interactive problem-based learning approach.

Dr Tim Marangon is Lecturer in law at the University of Salford Law School where he also coordinates mooting activities. He has taught a range of areas of law at undergraduate level and specialises in skills and legal education. His research interest lies in medical law.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Medical Ethics
Chapter 3: Access to Healthcare
Chapter 4: Clinical Negligence
Chapter 5: Consent - The Adult Patient
Chapter 6: Consent - The Child Patient
Chapter 7: Confidentiality
Chapter 8: Beginning of Life Issues - Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy
Chapter 9: Beginning of Life Issues - Abortion
Chapter 10: End of Life Issues - Suicide, Assisted Suicide and Murder
Chapter 11: Organ Donation and Organ Transplants
Chapter 12: Mental Health


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