A Forager's Guide and Cookbook: How to Find, Harvest, and Prepare 100 Common and Exotic Wild Plants, Including....pdf

A Forager's Guide and Cookbook: How to Find, Harvest, and Prepare 100 Common and Exotic Wild Plants, Including....pdf


You do not have to go deep into the woods to forage for wild foods. Edible plants grow in the margins of sidewalks, yards, and roads—and flower gardens are a secret pantry. A Forager’s Guide and Cookbook offers recipes for these untapped delicacies as well as for the wealth of edible plants that grow in fields and forests. Whether you are a stalwart forager familiar with the woods or an urban forager who wants to try a few wild foods, this book provides you with the basics for finding and preparing wild edibles. Many of the plants grow across the continent, are easy to find, and are simple and quick to prepare. They can be served as compliments to a meal or as entrees. Welcome to the wild kitchen! A few of the one hundred plants included are:

• Chicory
• Dandelion
• Lilac
• Mint
• Mushrooms
• Plantain
• Sumac
• Thistle
• Violet
• Watercress
• Wild ginger
• Yarrow
In a handy pocket size with coated paper to avoid smudges and beautiful color photos to help you identify those nutritious, delicious wild foods, A Forager’s Guide and Cookbook gives a whole new meaning to the word locavore.

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Cindy Halbkat has been a chef, forager, herbalist and Master Gardener for over 20 years. Eric Orr is a lifelong hunter-gatherer who loves to integrate wild foods into everyday living. Together, they live in the woods of Southern Appalachia, where they’ve been foraging, cooking and writing for their blog, wildedible.com, since 2010.


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