Color Master Class: For Portrait Photographers.pdf

Color Master Class: For Portrait Photographers.pdf


Color is the very heart of the vast majority of today’s photographs. The colors that we include in the frame have a profound effect on the success of our images. There is a psychology to color: certain colors evoke certain moods. Some colors visually recede, while others “pop” from the frame. Color creates mood, it tells a story, and can make moments recorded in a frame appear truly lifelike—or it can be used to make a scene appear more of a fantasy. It also affects your clients’ skin tones. Though these points serve to underscore the importance of color in our images, it’s a pictorial aspect that has not received the attention it deserves—until now.

In this book, one of the industry’s top celebrity, portrait, and fashion photographers, Hernan Rodriguez provides an in-depth look at everything your every wanted to know about color—from basic color theory, to the psychology of color, to the use of color filters for enhanced color results, to the effect on your clients’ skin color, to using color for specific portrait applications, and more. Rodriguez also explains how various lighting sources—from flash to continuous light to natural light—will impact the way that color in your scene will be rendered in the final print/product. You’ll also learn important strategies for controlling color from capture to post-production (the latter will include lessons on creating desaturated looks, enhancing color using Photoshop’s Curves and Selective Color tools, creating cross-processing effects, and using third-party actions to amp up your artistry). Armed with these discussions, you’ll come away with a brave new attitude toward color—and a full understanding of how you can use it to make photographs that please your clients and reinvigorate your own love of capturing images.

Recently named Tamron Image Master, Westcott Top Elite Pro, DataColor Visionary, and Moab Image Master, Hernan has garnered over 30 international photography awards, including a prestigious Black and White Spider Award in the fashion category, as well as a Photography Masters Cup Nomination 2014 and 2013 in the fashion category. Hernan Rodriguez operates a successful studio in the heart of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. There, he juggles a steady roster of commercial, product, and celebrity photography, along with corporate and family portraiture. He has photographed Luminaries in the music and entertainment arena in both the American and Latin market including Mario Reyes from the Gipsy Kings, Former Ms Universe – Alycia Machado and Latin music legion, Cristian Castro as well as sports and public figures including five time world champion, Evander Holyfield, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Gabe Pruitt from the Boston Celtics and DeSean Jackson from the Philidelphia Eagles. Hernan has also worked on Movie Posters for Actor/Comedian Eddie Griffin and Singer/Songwriter, Nelly. He has art directed and photographed advertising campaigns for Guess, Corona , and AMA Racing. His client base spans from EMI Records, Sony, Universal, CURB Records, Playboy Beverage Inc., and Telemundo. Hernan has also been featured in Studio Photography, PDN, Rangefinder, and covers in both PhotoShop User, & Punto magazines as well a Light It Digital Magazine. He also has a published book, “75 Portraits by Hernan Rodriguez” through Amherst Media. Hernan has photographed ads for MensWorkout, Exercise for Men, Triathlete Magazine, and Israelli magazine, HDL. Hernan was also accredited with Westcott’s Top 15 Endorsed Elite Professional Photographers’ 2013. He has also been nominated as Tamron's 2014 Image Masters recipient. Hernan’s outgoing personality and fresh approach to imagery, makes him a highly sought out conference speaker both nationally and Internationally including Keynote speaker in Colombia and Mexico. He has established himself in the industry as a well respected professional photographer with the full support and sponsorship of industry leaders such as TAMRON USA, Westcott, WACOM, Dynalite, Moab, Spyder Datacolor, Rosco Ent., and AlienSkin..


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