The Total Art: Italian Cinema from Silent Screen to Digital Image.pdf

The Total Art: Italian Cinema from Silent Screen to Digital Image.pdf


In this comprehensive guide, some of the world's leading scholars consider the issues, films, and filmmakers that have given Italian cinema its enduring appeal. Readers will explore the work of such directors as Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Roberto Rossellini as well as a host of subjects including the Italian silent screen, the political influence of Fascism on the movies, lesser known genres such as the giallo (horror film) and Spaghetti Western, and the role of women in the Italian film industry. The Total Art explores recent developments in cinema studies such as digital performance, the role of media and the Internet, neuroscience in film criticism, and the increased role that immigrants are playing in the nation's cinema.

Joseph Luzzi is Associate Professor of Italian and Director of Italian Studies at Bard College, USA, and the author of Romantic Europe and the Ghost of Italy (2008), which received the MLA's Scaglione Prize for Italian Studies and was named an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice (2009).

Introduction Joseph Luzzi, Bard College, USA Glossary, Dates & Terms Mattia Acetoso, Boston College, USA Theory and Practice Silent Film Antonio Costa, University of Venice (IUAV), Italy Futurism and Film Michael Syrimis, Tulane University, USA Fascist Cinema Vittorio Zigarrio, University of Rome III, Italy Neworealism Giuliana Minghelli, McGill University, Canada Orphaned Generation Alessia Ricciardi, Northwestern University, USA Italian Cinema New Millennium Millicent Marcus, Yale University, USA Femme Fatale Stephen Gundle, University of Warwick, UK Italian Women Directors Dana Renga, Ohio State University, USA Comedy, Italian Style Marcia Landy, University of Pittsburgh, USA The "Giallo" Elena Past, Wayne State University, USA Italian Film Theory Gabriele Pedulla, University of Rome III, Italy Film and Photography Sarah Carey, Indpendent Scholar Film and Music Daniela Bini, University of Texas at Austin, USA Film and TV Stefano Baschiera, Queens University Belfast, UK Popular Cinema Catherine O'Raw, University of Bristol, UK Film and Neuroscience Michele Guerra, University of Parma, Italy Italian Cinema Digital Age Christan Uva, University of Rome III, Italy Future of the Past Paoloa Bonifazio, University of Texas at Austin, USA Documentary Luca Caminati and Marco Sasso, Concordia University, Canada Italian Cinema/World Cinema Kristi Wilson, Soka University of America, USA, and Laura Ruberto, Berkeley City College, USA Films in Focus De Liguoro, Inferno John Welle, Notre Dame University, USA Pastrone, Cabiria Robert Rushing, University of Illinois, USA De Santis, Bitter Rice Charles Leavitt, University of Reading, UK Rossellini, Stromboli Anna Botta, Smith College, USA Visconti, Senso Brendan Hennessy, UCLA, USA Argento, Suspiria Ellen Nerenberg, Wesleyan University, USA Antonioni, L'Avventura John David Rhodes, Cambridge University, UK Pasolini, Teorema Robert Gordon, Cambridge University, UK Fellini, Vitelloni Federico Pacchioni, Chapman University, USA Bertolucci, Conformist Michael Kramer, SUNY Purchase, USA Leone, Once upon a Time in the West Mary Ann Carolan, Fairfield University, USA Wertmuller, Love and Anarchy Bernadette Luciano, University of Auckland, New Zealand Giordana, The Best of Youth Alan O'Leary, University of Leeds, UK Sorrentino, Il Divo Nicoletta Marini-Mio, Dickinson College, USA Behind the Scenes Spaces of Cinema Allison Cooper, Bowdoin College, USA Sound and Soundtrack Monica Facchini, Colgate University, USA Cinematography Giovanna F. Lerner, Franklin & Marshall College, USA Screenwriters Cosetta Guadenzi, University of Memphis, USA


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