Classic FM Handy Guides: Elgar.pdf

Classic FM Handy Guides: Elgar.pdf


Edward Elgar was the greatest English composer of his age. This book explores his most popular symphonies and choral works that connected with ordinary listeners - he even wrote the first football chant, for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Classic FM's Handy Guides are a beautifully designed, covetable set of six histories of standout subjects within classical music, each of which can be read and digested in one sitting, bringing the subject to life in an easily accessible format. Perfect for anyone new to the world of classical music as well as aficionados with busy schedules. Published in partnership with Classic FM, the book will have a wide appeal to classical music fans of all kinds, seeking equally to educate, inform and entertain. Developed by the team behind the bestselling Classic FM Hall of Fame and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Classical Music ...But Were Too Afraid to Ask, this book will appeal individually and as part of the complete collectible series, both as a gift and for readers wishing to explore each subject area.Further titles include The Orchestra, Opera, Ballet, Film Music, Video Game Music, Classical Recordings, Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Mozart, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky.

Tim Lihoreau is the presenter of the UK's most listened-to classical music breakfast programme, Classic FM's More Music Breakfast, which can be heard across the UK every weekday morning between 6am and 9am. He previously hosted Classic FM's weekend breakfast programme. As the station's Creative Director, Tim has won a multitude of awards for his radio writing and production on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as being the author of fourteen books. Aside from writing about classical music, Tim has penned two humorous books called Modern Phobias and Schadenfreude, which both take a wry look at some of the peccadilloes of 21st-century life. With a degree in music from the University of Leeds, Tim worked as a professional pianist and at a classical and jazz record label before moving into radio. Along with his wife, he runs three amateur choirs in his home village in Cambridgeshire and regularly plays the organ at his local church.


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