Mobile Game Development with Unity.pdf

Mobile Game Development with Unity.pdf


Learn how to build games that work on several mobile devices, including phones and tablets powered by iOS, Android, and Blackberry. This practical book shows you how to get started with the Unity game development ecosystem for creating beautiful, interactive 3D and 2D content. You'll get a top-to-bottom overview of Unity's features - including its game engine, integrated development environment (IDE), and ready-made assets - with specific, project-oriented guidance on how to use those features in real games that will hook and delight players on any mobile platform.

Jon Manning is a world renown iOS development trainer and writer, game designer and mobile software engineering wizard. Paris Buttfield-Addison is a mobile app engineer, game designer and researcher with a passion for making technology simpler and as engaging as possible. He has written two books on game development and currently spends his time designing mobile products for millions upon millions of users while drinking too much coffee. Paris has coded for everything from Qt to 6502 assembly to iOS and thinks digital watches are a pretty neat idea. He claims he will soon have a PhD.


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