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Managing Sport Mega-Events explores global developments in the management of mega-sport events. Mega-sport events such as the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup have been examined from a number of academic perspectives including history, sociology, politics, urban planning and economics. What is lacking, however, is a book which identifies and evaluates the current issues and complexities faced by those charged with the responsibility of managing these mega-sport events. This book fills the gap.

The book contains three sections: the first section focuses on strategic matters exploring the rise of mega-sport events and stakeholder management and governance issues; the second section concentrates on legacy, specifically how the organisers of mega-sport events can best ensure the management of sustainable events; the third section delves into operational matters and related issues whereby the management of sport is explored and areas of concerns such as risk management, venue management, transport management, media management, broadcast management, marketing and sponsorship management are also covered.

The book draws on leading international sport management scholars, each whom have expertise in the organisation of mega-sport events. It makes valuable contribution to the existing literature.

"Just when you thought you might have had your finger on the pulse of major events, along comes Managing Sport Mega Events, with some new insights on some well-established principles. There are no gaps - governance, risk, finance, media, sponsorship, leveraging, sustainability, social impacts - it's all covered. Read this book, and you will never look at a sporting mega event the same way again." - Geoff Dickson, Associate Professor, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand


Stephen Frawley is Director of the Australian Centre for Olympic Studies, located at the UTS Business School, Sydney, Australia. Prior to joining academia, Stephen worked in the Sport Division for the organizing committee for the 2000 Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Part A. Governance and Strategic Issues  1. Introduction, Stephen Frawley  2. Defining Sport Mega-Events, Martin Muller 3 . Knowledge Management and Transfer and Sport Mega-Events, Kristine Toohey and Sue Halbwirth  4. Managing Risk and Sport Mega-Events, Will Jennings  Part B. Legacy Management  5. Sport Mega-Event Legacy Planning, Richard Cashman  6. Sport Mega-Event Legacy Management, Harry Arne Solberg and Holger Preuss  7. Sport Legacy Planning and Management, Stephen Frawley and Alana Thomson  8. Leveraging Sport Mega-Events, Katie Schlenker, Nico Schulenkorf and Sarah Cobourn  Part C. Operations Management  8. Fan Engagement and Sport-Mega Events, Adam Karg and Daniel Lock  9. Broadcast Operations and Sport Mega-Events, Hunter Fujak, Stephen Frawley and Ashlee Morgan 10. Media Operations and Management at Sport-Mega Events  11. Sponsorship and Sport Mega-Event Strategic Alliances, Ashlee Morgan, Stephen Frawley and Hunter Fujak  12. Financing Sport Mega-Events, Paul Kitchin  13. Future Research and Challenges, Stephen Frawley


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