Arctic Bf 109 and Bf 110 Aces.pdf

Arctic Bf 109 and Bf 110 Aces.pdf



Once Nazi Germany had conquered Norway in 1940, just a handful of Gruppen flying the Bf 109 and Bf 110 fighters was able to shatter all opposition and dominate the air in the Arctic Circle. Yet as the dual threat of the Royal Air Force and the Red Air Force grew, the Luftwaffe was forced to increase its fighter presence to full Geschwader strength with the formation of JG 5 Eismeer (Ice-sea) in early 1942.

The struggle for the frozen skies of the arctic raged on until the end of the war as the embattled JG 5 produced some of the Eastern Front's leading aces: pilots of the caliber of Theodor Weissenberger, Heinrich Ehrler, Walter Schuck, Franz Dörr, and Jakob Norz, all achieving over one hundred kills. Featuring firsthand accounts from the pilots, extensive research from a leading authority on the Luftwaffe, and illustrations of the aircraft in unique winter camouflage, this book is a comprehensive guide to the Arctic Experten and the planes they flew.


John Weal owns one of the largest private collections of German WWII literature and has contact with many ex-members of the Luftwaffe. He has illustrated many Luftwaffe profiles.

Mark Postlethwaite became the youngest elected member of the Guild of Aviation Artists in 1991 and is a valued Osprey artist. He has contributed to more than eighty books.
Chris Davey is Osprey's artist of choice for USAAF fighters and RAF subject matter, proving his skill when dealing with large aircraft subjects.

Chapter 1 Jagdgruppe z.B.V. /Chapter 2 Arctic Zerstörer Experten /Chapter 3 Creation of JG 5 /Chapter 4 Fighting to the bitter end /Appendices - Arctic Ace listing - Awards presented to aces serving in-theatre - Orders of Battle - Colour Plates Commentary


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