Climate Risk: Tail Risk and the Price of Carbon Emissions-Answers to the Risk Management Puzzle.pdf

Climate Risk: Tail Risk and the Price of Carbon Emissions-Answers to the Risk Management Puzzle.pdf


Climate change is fundamentally a risk management problem

Climate Risk examines climate change as a risk management issue, detailing the problems inherent in that necessary but complex perspective. Written by a recognized risk management leader, this book details the impact of climate change on both the current economy, and the economy of future generations. Drawing on the insight of a team of Nobel Prize-winning economists, this informative book outlines the factors that make it difficult to price carbon emissions correctly, discusses the perspectives surrounding carbon emission taxation, and explores the probability of various climate change scenarios in the context of damages and valuation. Readers will find detailed arguments for why risk managers should already be taking climate change seriously, and delve into the economic analysis of this global problem.

Pricing climate risk properly is key to making the economy work long-term while also being mindful of the potential tail risk and uncertainty that humans often ignore. People are not very good at making rational decisions about rare outcomes, raising the concern of an overreaction when society finally does react to the risk of climate catastrophe and begins to price it. This book explores the critical question of how much climate risk insurance to buy – that is, where to price carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Examine climate change as a risk management problem
  • Delve into the issues surrounding carbon emission pricing
  • Consider appropriate tax levels for emissions
  • Learn how the future economy will be impacted by climate change

Damages from climate change won't hit the economy for a while, and the potential for a low-probability/high-damage scenario is so uncertain that it is only recently being discussed academically. Risk managers must be prepared for what's to come, and Climate Risk begins the conversation with some of the best minds in the industry.


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