Office Automation 2.0: A Management Handbook for Re-Integrating Business and IT Processes.pdf

Office Automation 2.0: A Management Handbook for Re-Integrating Business and IT Processes.pdf



  • Drill down into the enterprise automation strategies and tactics appropriate to post-PC technologies such as virtual desktop infrastructure, mobile clients, and cloud services. This short book teaches that rollouts of the latest enterprise-class technologies cannot produce business value unless management ensures that the front office is trained to use them correctly, and that end-user practices and IT processes are dynamically and efficiently coupled in the organizational culture.

    Office Automation 2.0 is a concise guide to office automation for managers and IT professionals whose organizations are charting their path into the post-PC era. Based on his decades of consultancy to corporate clients on how to retool IT infrastructure to drive business value, Jon Toigo provides practical guidance for innovative managers who are seeking to make every automation investment dollar count toward the three key metrics of business value: cost-containment, risk reduction, and improved productivity. Marshaling many real-world examples from his experience, Toigo shows how 21st-century automation solutions, if they are to succeed, must be designed and implemented to span all departments of your enterprise, tying IT process with front-office practice.

    Office Automation 2.0 teaches office managers, business strategists, and IT professionals:

    • How to design and implement office automation solutions that will most efficiently harness post-PC technologies such as virtual desktop infrastructure, mobile clients, and cloud services to their particular business needs and constraints.
    • How to train their front-office personnel to extract maximum productivity and optimal user experience from new IT processes.
    • How to transform their organization’s culture so that IT and end users pull together to drive business value. 
  • 作者简介
    Jon Toigo is CEO of Toigo Partners International, a user-facing technology analysis firm that is part technology consumer advocacy and part vendor watchdog. With over 30 years of IT experience, both as an internal business IT manager and as a consultant and service provider, Toigo brings a perspective on business technology that is sometimes contrarian but always fact-based. He has written 15 books on enterprise computing strategies and two thousand articles and columns in the computer trade press, including Computerworld, Network Computing, Scientific American, Washington Technology, Enterprise Systems,, SearchStorage, SNWOnline, Storage Magazine, Storage NL, Data Storage Connection, z/Journal, and Mainframe Executive. He operates a highly trafficked blog at Since 1992, he has chaired the Data Management Institute and delivered training courses in data management, storage technology, disaster recovery planning and data security worldwide to more than 80,000 trainees. He is a much sought-after speaker whose mix of practical knowledge and edgy humor have earned him a reputation as an iconoclast of bleeding edge technologies. He has keynoted at Storage Networking World, Networld Interop, COMDEX, Storage World, IPExpo, Storage Networking World, Storage Decisions, ASCDI, and Storage Expo events, and has delivered presentations at international conferences staged by leading vendors, including IBM, HP, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Quantum, DataCore Software, and numerous systems integrators.


    Chapter 1. You Say You Want an Office Revolution

    Chapter 2. Beginning at the End of the Beginning of Office Automation

    Chapter 3.  The Waning Appeal of VDI

    Chapter 4.  Mobile Computing on the Rise

    Chapter 5.  Supporting the Front and Middle Office

    Chapter 6.  The Branch Office/Storefront Environment

    Chapter 7.  Planning and Implementing Office Automation


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