Life-Cycle Maintenance Management Framework for Concrete Bridge Elements.pdf

Life-Cycle Maintenance Management Framework for Concrete Bridge Elements.pdf


'Life-cycle Maintenance Management Framework for Medium and Short-Span Concrete Bridge Elements' describes a set of performance prediction and maintenance optimization models and approaches for life-cycle bridge maintenance management. These are proposed by summarizing and incorporating valuable aspects of previous practices and developing some new models and approaches for different and comprehensive scenarios. The subject of this book is cross-disciplinary, covering bridge engineering and management science. This includes a set of performance prediction models that are proposed to extend the current knowledge by incorporating non-periodical inspections, as well, whereas most of the previously reported research has focused on periodical inspections. Researchers will also find the models presented in this book useful for optimizing the targeted balance between technical and economical considerations.

This work is intended for those researchers and engineers in the field of bridge maintenance management who expect more effort devoted to transferring new procedures, methods, and tools into practice by addressing relevant problems, to better utilizing more pertinent data, and to explicitly addressing barriers to practical implementation. They will find the potential modeling and prediction enhancements useful in improving bridge maintenance decision making.

Yingnan Yang, lecturer, works at Zhejiang University.

Dr. Yang was invited to present a technical lecture at 5th International Engineering and Construction Conference (IECC’5) held in Irvine, California in August 27-28, 2008. The title of the paper is “Proposed Framework of Performance Prediction Models for Concrete Bridges in Hong Kong.” Dr. Yingnan Yang got her Ph.D degree from the University of Hong Kong in 2009. She has published many journal papers in Journal of Transportation Engineering, Journal of Management in Engineering, Facilities, Journal of Infrastructure Systems.

Bridge management systems.- Performance prediction model and maintenance decision analysis.- Structure of the framework of performance prediction models.- Performance prediction models for concrete bridge elements undergoing non-periodical inspection.- Life cycle maintenance decision making analysis for concrete bridge elements undergoing non-periodical inspection.- Practical interpretation and application of the proposed framework and models.- Conclusions and recommendations.


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