Information Technology Law.pdf

Information Technology Law.pdf



This fifth edition of Information Technology Law has been completely revised in the light of developments within the field since publication of the first edition in 1997. Now dedicated to a more detailed analysis of and commentary on the latest developments within this burgeoning field of law, this new edition is an essential read for all those interested in the interface between law and technology and the effect of new technological developments on the law.

The main updates and changes for the new edition include:

  • Increased use of headings and subheadings within chapters, to make the text easier to navigate

  • Increased use of diagrams and tables to help explain key points and concepts
  • Summary paragraphs at the end of each chapter look to the current law and future of IT law
  • Further Reading and assessment-based questions at the end of each chapter to guide further independent study and test learning
  • Discussion of cloud computing, social networking and other major technological developments to bring the text up-to-date with current trends in IT Law
  • New Google case study in relation to content regulation will contextualise the topic and provide a 'real-world' narrative with which to apply the concepts discussed


Chapter One: Regulating IT,  Chapter Two: Regulatory Competence over the Internet,  Chapter 3: Intermediary Liability,  Chapter 4: Copyright and the Internet Chapter 5: Domain Names Chapter 6: Electronic Commerce,  Chapter 7: Cybercrime 1,  Chapter 8: Cybercrime 2,  Chapter 9: Privacy and Data Protection,  Chapter 10: Surveillance, Data Retention and Encryption,  Chapter 11: IP in Software Chapter 12: Software Licences


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