Cognitive Neuroscience is Too Immature to Marry Social Science.pdf

Cognitive Neuroscience is Too Immature to Marry Social Science.pdf


In recent years, a number of new disciplines have emerged that are characterized by the prefix “neuro” added to the name of a traditional discipline from the fields of social sciences or humanities. As a result, we now for example have “neuro-sociology”, “neuro-ethics" and “neuro-marketing”:  “neuro+” disciplines. In this book, author Carlo Umilta asks the obvious question whether the flourishing of “neuro+” disciplines is an index of a true and fruitful cross-fertilization between the fields of social sciences and humanities in general  and the field of cognitive neuroscience. In four compelling arguments presented in this comprehensive libretto, he argues that the answer to this question should be in the negative.

Dr. Carlo Umilta is Professor Emeritus of Neuropsychology at the University of Padua. In his five decades spanning career he has become one of the best known neuropsychologists in Europe. Carlo Umilta serves on many journal editorial boards, including the board of the Psychonomic Society title Attention, Perception & Psychophysics. He is an Associate Editor for the Springer journal Psychological Research. Professor Umilta has published and is still publishing extensively in a variety of journals in cognitive, experimental and neuropsychology. Some of his recent (2011 or in press) publications are: Ladavas, E., Paolucci, S., & Umiltà, C. (2011). Reasons for holding a Consensus Conference on neuropsychological rehabilitation in adult patients. European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 47, 91-99. Galfano, G., Sarlo, M., Sassi, F., Munafò, M., Fuentes, L.J., Umiltà, C. (2011). Reorienting of spatial attention in gaze cuing is reflected in N2pc. Social Neuroscience, 6, 257-269. Craighero, L., Leo, I., Umiltà, C., & Simion, F. (2011). Newborns’ preference for goal-directed action. Cognition, 120, 26-32. Kramer, P., Stoianov, I., Umiltà, C., & Zorzi. M. (in press). Interactions between perceptual and numerical space. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

There will be no seperate chapters in this Brief. (there will be paragraphs that will have headers and possibly sub-headers, but no chapters)


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