The Carbon Rush: The Truth Behind the Carbon Market Smokescreen.pdf

The Carbon Rush: The Truth Behind the Carbon Market Smokescreen.pdf


Written by award-winning documentarian Amy Miller, "The Carbon Rush "focuses on the real meaning of Carbon trading, where countries can buy and sell anothers' carbon emission through a system where carbon credits are traded like stocks and bonds. It is really a zero-sum formula where the amount of carbon-based pollution is not being reduced -- only moved by brokers among countries. Credits are then given which are used to bankroll huge industrial operations, many of which are ravaging both the world's poor and their environments, many of which are aboriginal.

Amy Miller is a media maker and social justice organizer based in Montreal. She recently directed and wrote the documentary No Land No Food No Life a hard-hitting film on the economy, agricultural land grabs and the changes to farmers lives around the world. She directed, wrote and produced the documentary The Carbon Rush, a global expose on how carbon offset projects impact local peoples. The film has expanded to include an online interactive game as well as a book of essays and photos published by Red Deer Press (2013). She directed, wrote and produced the featurette documentary Myths for Profit: Canada s Role In Industries of War and Peace that was screened thoroughly across Canada and at festivals including the Milano Film Festival, RIDM and The Bay Street Film Festival, where it won the Peoples Choice award. Her first documentary, Outside of EUrope, focuses on the exclusionary nature of immigration and border policies and continues to be screened around the world. She remains dedicated to developing critical documentaries for transformative social change and helping out grassroots campaigns for justice."


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