Construction Delays: Extensions of Time and Prolongation Claims.pdf

Construction Delays: Extensions of Time and Prolongation Claims.pdf



Extension of time submissions are often made after a project has been severely delayed, when consequent problems may be unavoidable. However, if a proper submission is applied for as delays emerge, disruption can be minimised, and the correct extension of time should be awarded.

Useful guidance and recommended good practice are given on all the common delay analysis techniques, and worked examples of extension of time submissions and time-related prolongation claims are included. All of the information and practical details necessary are provided, including:

  • techniques and methodologies for extension of time/delay analysis
  • the latest case law relating to extensions of time and delay analysis
  • the ‘thorny issues’ of float and concurrency
  • JCT and NEC contracts
  • planning and programming

This second edition has been updated to include new case law, address changes to contract formats, and include new advice on assessment methodologies. Written in a practical and user-friendly style, including helpful charts and graphics, it will be useful for construction professionals, lawyers and others who are involved in the contentious side of the construction and engineering industries.


Roger Gibson has over 40 years of planning and programming experience in the construction and engineering industries. During the latter part of his career he has received many appointments as an expert in time-related disputes.


1. The Aims of this Book  2. Extensions of Time  3. Prolongation Claims  4. The SCL Protocol  5. Background and History of Planning  6. Planning and Programming  7. The Importance of a Programme  8. Programme Submission, Review, and Acceptance  9. Programme Updates and Revisions  10. Progress Records and Other Record Keeping  11. Intro – Contracts and Case Law  12. Contracts JCT and NEC  13. Case Law Pre-1993  14. Case Law 1993-1999  15. Case Law 2000-2003  16. Case Law 2004-2007  17. Case Law 2008-2012  18. Intro – The ‘Thorny Issues’  19. Float; Ownership and Utilisation  20. Concurrency  21. Mitigation and Acceleration  22. Time at Large  23. Extensions of Time  24. EOT Assessment Techniques  25. Prospective Analysis: Methodology and Worked Example  26. Retrospective Analysis: Methodology and Worked Example  27. Prolongation Claims  28. Contract Requirements  29. Prolongation Claims  30. Worked Example  Appendix 1: Definitions and Glossary  Appendix 2: Levels of Programmes  Appendix 3: Model Specification for a ‘Windows’ Analysis  Appendix 4: Charts for Worked Example: Time Impact Analysis  Appendix 5: Charts for Worked Example: Windows Analysis


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