Newsworkers: A Comparative European Perspective.pdf

Newsworkers: A Comparative European Perspective.pdf


The last decade has seen a transformation of journalism industries and the working lives of our journalists. Do the changes have the same impact everywhere? Do journalists today experience these changes as a pressure or as a possibility? Is something irrevocably lost from journalism with these changes? "Newsworkers" takes a broad range of European countries - North and South, East and West, big and small - comparing in each how journalism as work has been affected by the changes in journalism institutions. The book looks at three pertinent and topical questions: the role of technology in changing journalism work practice; the decline or not of professional values; and whether journalism is becoming more homogenous across national borders. Drawing on extensive and original research, the book provides a comprehensive picture of contemporary European journalism.

Henrik Ornebring is Professor of Media and Communication in the Department of Geography, Media and Communication at Karlstad University, Sweden, and a former Senior Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, UK."


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