Engineering Vibroacoustic Analysis: Methods and Applications.pdf

Engineering Vibroacoustic Analysis: Methods and Applications.pdf



The book describes analytical methods (based  primarily on classical modal synthesis), the Finite Element Method (FEM), Boundary Element Method (BEM), Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA), Energy Finite Element Analysis (EFEA), Hybrid Methods (FEM-SEA and Transfer Path Analysis), and Wave-Based Methods.  The book also includes procedures for designing noise and vibration control treatments, optimizing structures for reduced vibration and noise, and estimating the uncertainties in analysis results.  Written by several well-known authors, each chapter includes theoretical formulations, along with practical applications to actual structural-acoustic systems.  Readers will learn how to use vibroacoustic analysis methods in product design and development; how to perform transient, frequency (deterministic and random), and statistical vibroacoustic analyses; and how to choose appropriate structural and acoustic computational methods for their applications.  The book can be used as a general reference for practicing engineers, or as a text for a technical short course or graduate course.


1. Overview

Stephen A Hambric, Shung H Sung and Donald J Nefske

2. Structural Vibrations

Stephen A Hambric

3. Interior and Exterior Sound

Shung H Sung and Donald J Nefske

4. Sound-Structure Interaction Fundamentals

Stephen A Hambric and John B Fahnline

5. Structural-Acoustic Modal Analysis & Synthesis

Donald J Nefske, Shung H Sung and Earl H Dowell

6. Structural-Acoustic Finite Element Analysis for Interior Acoustics

Shung H Sung and Donald J Nefske

7. Boundary Element Analysis

John B Fahnline

8. Structural and Acoustic Noise Control Material Modeling

Noureddine Atalla

9. Structural-Acoustic Optimization

Steffen Marburg, Micah Shepherd and Stephen Hambric

10. Random and Stochastic Structural-Acoustic Analysis

Kheirollah Sepahvand and Steffen Marburg

11. Statistical Energy Analysis

Philip Shorter and Vincent Cotoni

12. Hybrid FE-SEA

Philip Shorter and Vincent Cotoni

13. Hybrid Transfer Path Analysis

Sang-Kwon Lee, Sang-Yun Lee and Shung H Sung

14. Energy Finite Element Analysis

Nickolas Vlahopoulos and Sungmin Lee

15. Wave-based Structural Modeling

José Roberto F Arruda and Priscilla Brando Silva


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