American Indian Identity: Citizenship, Membership, and Blood.pdf

American Indian Identity: Citizenship, Membership, and Blood.pdf


This single-volume book contends that reshaping the paradigm of American Indian identity, blood quantum, and racial distinctions can positively impact the future of the Indian community within America and America itself. * Addresses legal and historical issues about Indian identity and multiple citizenships that have never before been covered in a text * Sums up the issues, discussion, and proposed solutions to the questions surrounding Indian identity * Sounds an awakening call to tribal leaders regarding the threat of extermination if they continue to rely on the paradigm of blood quantum instead of citizenship to define Indian identity * Provides a voice that reaches out to and finds common cause with indigenous brothers and sisters in the world of former British colonies

Se-ah-dom Edmo is coordinator of the Indigenous Ways of Knowing program at Lewis & Clark College, director for the Oregon Tribal Histories and Sovereignty Curriculum Design Project, and vice president of the Oregon Indian Education Association. Jessie Young, JD, serves with the law firm of Hobbs, Straus, Dean & Walker, focusing on Indian law. Alan Parker, JD, is a professor at the Maori Indigenous University in New Zealand where he established a doctorate program in indigenous development and advancement, recruiting 12 U.S. tribal students.


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