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Counseling Adolescents Through Loss, Grief, and Trauma.pdf



Loss, grief, and trauma come into the lives of adolescents in many forms and with more frequency than the adults in their lives may realize. Assessing the depth and nature of their emotions can be difficult; adolescents are typically reluctant to show strong emotions and can be difficult to reach, particularly when they experience the untimely death of a loved one. How best to work with a young person who may have trouble communicating their emotions even under the best of circumstances? And what if he or she has learned about the death of a loved one or classmate from another peer rather than a family member? What about gender differences and the influence of culture and family? What role do cell phones, text messaging, and technologies such as Facebook play in the adolescent grief experience? Adolescents’ use of technology creates unlimited access to friends, support systems, and information, but news that spreads quickly without buffering effects can intensify the strength of the adolescent grief responses. Counseling Adolescents Through Loss, Grief, and Trauma not only examines these issues; it also provides clinicians with a wealth of resources and time-tested therapeutic activities that are sure to become an indispensable part of any clinician’s practice.


Pamela A. Malone, PhD, LCSW, developed the Adolescent Grief and Loss (AGL) Group. She is a psychotherapist in private practice and teaches at the graduate and undergraduate level at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Dr. Malone has presented on loss, grief, and trauma locally, nationally, and internationally and is the author of several articles and book chapters.


Preface  1.Adolescent Development  2. The Nature of Adolescent Loss, Grief, and Trauma Responses  3. Non-Death Losses in the Lives of Adolescents  4. The Death of Loved Ones and Others  5. Gender Differences  6. What Grieving Adolescents Need  7. The Use and Impact of Technology and Social Media  8. Group Therapy: An Ideal Modality  9.The Adolescent Grief and Loss (AGL) Group  10. Therapeutic Activities for Adolescents  Conclusion  References  Index


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