The Feminist Philosophy Collection.pdf

The Feminist Philosophy Collection.pdf



Over the past 40 years, philosophy has become a vital arena for feminists. Recent feminist work has challenged canonical claims about the role of women and has developed new methods of analysis and critique, and in doing so has reinvigorated central areas of philosophy.

The Feminist Philosophy Collection presents new work representative of feminist contributions to the five most significant areas of philosophy: Feminist Ethics and Political and Social Philosophy; Feminist Philosophy of Religion; Feminist Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art; Feminist History of Philosophy; and Feminist Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.

Feminist work in some fields, notably ethics and social theory, has been going on for four decades, while the youngest area of feminist work is, arguably, feminist philosophy of art and aesthetics. Thus, some volumes will contain essays that build upon established feminist work as they explore new territory, while others do not have that luxury, but are all the more exciting in that they break new ground.


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