Mixed-Race Youth and Schooling: The Fifth Minority.pdf

Mixed-Race Youth and Schooling: The Fifth Minority.pdf



This timely, in-depth examination of the educational experiences and needs of mixed-race children ("the fifth minority") focuses on the four contexts that primarily influence learning and development: the family, school, community, and society-at-large.

The book provides foundational historical, social, political, and psychological information about mixed-race children and looks closely at their experiences in schools, their identity formation, and how schools can be made more supportive of their development and learning needs. Moving away from an essentialist discussion of mixed-race children, a wide variety of research is included. Life and schooling experiences of mixed-raced individuals are profiled throughout the text. Rather than pigeonholing children into a neat box of descriptions or providing readymade prescriptions for educators, Mixed-Race Youth and Schooling offers information and encourages teachers to critically reflect on how it is relevant to and helpful in their teaching/learning contexts.


Sandra Winn Tutwiler is Professor, Department of Education, Washburn University, USA



Part I: Being Mixed-Race in Society

Chapter 1: The Context of Race for Mixed-Race People

Chapter 2: Mixed-Race People in Society Over Time

Chapter 3: Racial Identity: Multiple Perspectives on Racial Self-Understanding

Part II: Family, Community, and Peers

Chapter 4: Structures, Practices, and Socialization in Interracial and Multiracial Families

Chapter 5: Community, Social Class and Sociocultural Interactions

Chapter 6: Peer Relations and Friendship Formations

Part III: Education and Schooling: People, Places, and Practices

Chapter 7: Teachers’ (Mixed) Race Constructions and Teaching in Multiracial Classrooms

Chapter 8: The Racial Context of Schooling and Mixed-race Youth

Chapter 9: Schooling Supportive of Mixed-Race Youth



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