Forensic Investigation of Processing Plant Accidents.pdf

Forensic Investigation of Processing Plant Accidents.pdf



This is the first book to provide a scientific methodology for investigating accidents at processing plants. It ensures compliance with codes and standards specific to type of plant as well as the country in which the event occurred. Founded on theoretical fundamentals, the book takes readers through the steps needed to find the responsibility for an accident. These include gaining testimonial information, studying plant documentation and plant design, checking standard operating procedures and whether they were followed, and testing plant components by non-destructive methods.


Introduction. Testimonial Information and Activity Program. Plant and Event Description. Process Parameters. Maintenance Programs and Strategies. Reactive and Proactive Maintenance. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. Visual Exams and Maintenance Inspections. Risk Based Inspections and Maintenance Programs. Non-Destructive Testing as a Help. Thermal Infrared Imagery for Defects Detection. Compared Analysis of Codes and Standards. Plant Testing History. Maintenance Budget/Expenditure. Unrepeatable(Destructive) Tests. Accident Causes. Faults, Defects, Carelessness, Negligence and Plant State. Other Unexpected Events and Procedures Verification. Event Responsibility Profiles. Event Reconstruction. Reply to the Judge Questions for the Case. Concluding Remarks. Case Studies. References.


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