Self-Assembled Rings and Cages.pdf

Self-Assembled Rings and Cages.pdf


Alongside introducing readers to a number of general principles of supramolecular assembly, this timely book offers useful advice for those research chemists intending to build new self-assembled, supramolecular systems. Contributions from several leading experts provide an up-to-date overview of the field, with the emphasis clearly placed on recent developments. In addition, a wide range of applications is covered throughout to give an insight into how the systems can be used in real life, such as in drug delivery, catalysis, light harvesting, and gas storage. With its many helpful practical hints for the lab, this is an excellent resource both for those entering the field and for established inorganic, organic, and bioinorganic chemists, as well as solid state and biochemists.

Guido Clever studied chemistry at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). He then completed his PhD degree at the University of Marburg (Germany) and at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (Germany). Subsequently, he became a postdoctoral fellow and then assistant professor at the University of Tokyo (Japan) working on the host-guest chemistry of norbornene-based coordination cages. Since 2010, he runs an independent research group at the University of Gottingen (Germany). In 2015, he moved as a full professor to the Technical University of Dortmund (Germany). His work covers the supramolecular chemistry of cage compounds as well as the synthesis of artificial DNA constructs.

# 01 Decoration of Self-Assembled Macrocycles with Functional Groups # 02 Metal-mediated Assembly of Nucleobases into Rings and Cages # 03 Multicomponent Assembly of Rings and Cages based on Heteroleptic Coordination # 04 Molecular Capsules with Anthracene Shells # 05 Subcomponent Self-Assembly and Guest-Binding of Iron Cages # 06 Self-assemblies based on partially protected metal compex building blocks # 07 Host-Guest Chemistry of Paramagnetic Coordination Cages # 08 Coordination Cages based on Click Ligands # 09 Interpenetrated Coordination Cages # 10 Endohedral Functionalization of Coordination Cages # 11 Self-assembly of redox-active rings and cages # 12 Biological Applications of Organometallic Cages # 13 Assembly and Gas Storage of Organic Cages based on Imine Bonds # 15 Cavitand-based Coordination Cages # 16 Coordination Cages based on Cyclotriveratrylene Scaffolds # 17 Calixarene-supported Metal Clusters # 18 Oligonuclear Assemblies with Macrocyclic Ligands # 19 Self-assembly of Terpyridine-based Metallomacrocycles


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