Cell Biology.pdf

Cell Biology.pdf


The aim of this project is to produce a the world's most comprehensive reference in plant sciences. The Plant Sciences will be published both in print and online; the online text will be regularly updated to enable the reference to remain a useful authoritative resource for decades to come. The aim is to provide a sustainable superstructure on which can be built further volumes as plant science evolves. The first edition will contain ten volumes, with approximately 20-30 chapters per volume. The target audience for the initial ten volumes will be upper-division undergraduates, as well as graduate students and practitioners looking for an entry into a particular topic. The Encyclopedia will provide both background and essential information in plant biology. Topics will include plant genetics, genomics, biochemistry, natural products, proteins, cell biology, development, reproduction, physiology, ecology, evolution, systematics, biodiversity, and applications, including crop improvement and non-food applications.

Sarah Assman, PhD Pennsylvania State University, Department of Biology, University Park, PA, USA Bo Liu, PhD UC Davis, Department of Plant Biology, Davis, CA, USA

Protein targeting.- Post-translational modification of proteins.- Protein degradation.- Subcellular organelles and structure.- The plasma membrane.- Vacuoles.- Chloroplast and mitochondrial cell biology.- Cell biology of the endoplasmic reticulum and plasmodesmata.- Cell biology of the nucleus.- Cell walls, intercellular space, secretion.- Cell division.


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