All You Can Lose is Your Heart.pdf

All You Can Lose is Your Heart.pdf



KayLynn Deveney's photographs explore "Cinderella-style" homes built throughout the American Southwest in the 1950s and '60s, when developers applied fairy tale-style aesthetics to ranch house exteriors. This book, the first time these houses are subject of a published photographic work, highlights personalized details outside the home resulting in photographs that reach beyond description to become metaphorical family portraits of those living inside. It tells us about a fading vision of the American dream, the last indications of a zeitgeist that encouraged Americans to aspire to a candy-coated vision of family and home.

KayLynn Deveney is a lecturer in photography at the Belfast School of Art, Ulster University in Northern Ireland. Her work has appeared in group and solo exhibitions internationally and is held in collections including the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago and the Portland Art Museum. She is the co-author of The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings , a book consisting of her photographs and Mr. Hastings handwritten captions. KayLynn is a past recipient of a grant from the Anonymous Was a Woman Foundation. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and returns there every summer.

Hank Stuever works at the Washington Post, where he is currently the television critic. He is the author of Tinsel, a non-fiction narrative about the emotional and economic impact of Christmas, and Off Ramp, a collection of essays about American life and popular culture. His reporting career began at the Albuquerque Tribune.

The designer and builder Jean Valjean Vandruff was born in 1922 and raised on a farm in Hominy, Oklahoma. He played a leading role the building of “Cinderella”-style homes in California.


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