Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers with Applications, Volume One.pdf

Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers with Applications, Volume One.pdf


This Second Edition continues to be the largest comprehensive study in the field and reflects a user-friendly and historical approach to the myriad of properties of both Fibonacci and Lucas numbers.  Fibonacci and Lucas numbers have intrigued amateurs and professionals for centeries, and this book offers analysis of these famous integers, complete with a wealth of exciting applications, enlightening examples, and fun exercises that provide numerous opportunities for exploration and experimentation.  The book is easily accessible to college and even high school students, though advanced material is included to challenge more sophisticated Fibonacci enthusiasts.  A historical survey of the development of Fibonacci and Lucas numbers are provided as well as biographical sketches of intriguing personalties involved in developing the subject.  Illustrative examples round out the book, and most chapters conclude with numeric and theoretical exercises that do not rely on long and tedious proofs of theorems.  The Second Edition features new coverage of Pell and Pell-Lucas numbers and polynomials; Jacobsthal and Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers and polynomials; combinatorial interpretations of Fibanocci and Pell families; a table of the first 100 Pell and Pell-Lucas numbers as well as table of the first 100 Jacobsthal and Jaconsthal-Lucas numbers; and plentiful ew exercises and examples throughout.  The book includes solutions to all odd-numbered problems, and the solutions to the even-numbered problems can be obtained via written request to the Publisher.       


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