Higher Level Trading: The 5 Stages to Trader and Investor Mastery.pdf

Higher Level Trading: The 5 Stages to Trader and Investor Mastery.pdf


What does a trader who consistently outperforms the market do? This book will show you how to master the five stages/levels to becoming a master trader and investor. To become consistently successful, you must evolve through these five levels of experience, knowledge, and understanding. Now,  decision-making expert Charles Faulkner explains what each of these levels is, so you can become more aware of the skills you need to become a true master at trading. Higher Level Trading  draws on Faulkner's pioneering work modeling the behavior and psychology of true market wizards -- and using that knowledge to trade and coach other traders. He goes far beyond previous models of trader psychology, identifying five specific emergent levels/stages of trader/investor mental capabilities. These levels have far more to do with integrating and organizing market experience than with intelligence. They can be systematically encouraged and taught -- and this book does precisely that. For each level, Faulkner identifies common characteristics, time frames, trading styles, blind spots, opportunities, and more. He helps you understand where you are, perform more effectively at your current level, systematically improve, and accelerate your "experience curve." This book concludes by helping you create a complete "plan to mastery" that encompasses lifelong learning, interacting more effectively with others -- and enjoying your journey to breakthrough success.

CHARLES W. FAULKNER (Chicago, IL) is an international expert on modeling the knowledge and performance of exceptional individuals, teams and organizations, and applying the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and linguistics. He works with global leaders from the Silicon Valley to the city of London, including Fortune® 50 executives and large private wealth holders. He has been featured in numerous financial publications for his work with traders, fund managers and other high-risk decision-makers. A principal in Mental Edge Trading Associates, his current passion is to show how everyday language shapes our thoughts and decisions, and what we can do about it.


I. Why Things Don't Make Sense in the Financial World

II. Another Way to Make Sense of Successful Traders and Investors

III. Gaining Expertise

IV. Trading/Investing is a System

V. Overview of the 5 Stages/Levels

VI. Naive

VII. Novice

VIII. Trader

IX. Emergent Investor

X. Investor

XI. Summary and Suggestions

XII. Appendixes


Guides traders, investors, and other high-stakes decision-makers through the five levels of experience and knowledge that lead them directly to outstanding success.


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