The Jungle Book: Your Favorite Mowgli Classics to Read and Illustrate.pdf

The Jungle Book: Your Favorite Mowgli Classics to Read and Illustrate.pdf


Story time has never been more creative! Growing up with whimsical and rich classic stories is one of the best parts of youth, and now you can foster your child's creativity with the Draw Your Own Stories series. Draw Your Own Stories: The Jungle Book contains the classic tale and characters you love, along with plentiful space to create your own illustrations. Let your family's imagination run wild with images of lush jungles, elephants, tigers, and amazing imagery. The Draw Your Own Stories series offers creative families and relatives of children age 6 and up the perfect way to express their own creative vision with a beautiful edition of the text they can illustrate themselves. The stunning presentation of the abridged version of Rudyard Kipling's enduring classic The Jungle Book includes a handsome typographic treatment and charming, colorful flourishes on the numerous blank pages, each captioned with a prompt from the accompanying text. If you need inspiration, the book contains a gallery of illustrations from classic to modern, from simple to extravagant, for further motivation.

RUDYARD KIPLING(1865-1936) was a Nobel Prize-winning English writer who today is best known for his wonderful children's stories, which have become enduring classics of children's literature.


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