Handbook of Encapsulation and Controlled Release.pdf

Handbook of Encapsulation and Controlled Release.pdf


This handbook covers the entire area of encapsulation (microencapsulation) which is a growing area of research and product development in a vast field. It provides the fundamentals, including the chemical and physicochemical processes, and explores how to apply those processes for different applications in industry. This work takes a broader scope and is designed for scientists and engineers working in various industries such as those related to food, consumer products, pharmaceutical/medical, agriculture, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics, flavors, and fragrances.

FUNDAMENTALS Introduction to Encapsulation and Controlled Release Factors and mechanisms of Delivery of Actives Economics of Controlled Release (Encapsulation Applications: Prospective and Future) Process Selection Criteria Microencapsulation Market Review and Commercial Applications PROCESSES Physical Methods Chemical Methods Other Processes Commercial Scale Microencapsulation: from Bench to Manufacturing INGREDIENTS FOR ENCAPSULATION & APPLICATIONS THEREOF Ingredients for Encapsulation Water Soluble Cellulosic Polymer Modified Starch CHRACTERIZATION OF PARTICLES & ENCAPSULATED INGREDIENTS Particles and Particle Morphology Thermal Analysis Rheology Payload Release Stability CONTROLLED RELEASE APPLICATIONS & TARGETED DELIVERY TECHNOLOGIES Food Industry Dietary Supplements & Probiotics Pharmaceuticals Consumer Good Products Agriculture & Pesticides Misc. and Industrial Flavors and Fragrance Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals Misc. Technologies


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