AQA A-level Economics – Student Book 1.pdf

AQA A-level Economics – Student Book 1.pdf



Collins’ AQA A-level Economics Student Book 1 has been newly written for the 2015 AQA Economics specifications. Covering AS and the first year of A-level, it will help students to build an effective economist’s toolkit and give them confidence to engage with real-life economics.

Our Student Books have been entered into the AQA approval process.

This textbook will develop the tools that students need to think like an economist. Every chapter has a clear framework to ensure that students:

• Secure understanding of theories, models and concepts with dynamic explanations and full coverage of new topics such as individual economic decision making
• Develop accuracy in drawing and interpreting economics diagrams with annotations that bring diagrams to life, highlight key features and provide tips for drawing diagrams precisely
• Acquire confidence in using quantitative skills through step-by-step worked examples
• Apply understanding to real-life issues and contexts by engaging with contemporary case studies
• Build top-notch critical skills with stimulating ‘Think Like An Economist’ activities
• Assess progress with regular ‘Check Your Understanding’ questions integrated into the text
• Appreciate the interrelationship between macroeconomics and microeconomics with connections highlighted in every chapter
• Improve exam and communication techniques with practice questions for macroeconomics and microeconomics


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