A History of Forensic Science: British Beginnings in the Twentieth Century.pdf

A History of Forensic Science: British Beginnings in the Twentieth Century.pdf


How and when did forensic science originate in the UK? This question demands our attention because our understanding of present-day forensic science is vastly enriched through gaining an appreciation of what went before. A History of Forensic Science is the first book to consider the wide spectrum of influences which went into creating the discipline in Britain in the first part of the twentieth century. This book offers a history of the development of forensic sciences, centred on the UK, but with consideration of continental and colonial influences, from around 1880 to approximately 1940. This period was central to the formation of a separate discipline of forensic science with a distinct professional identity and this book charts the strategies of the new forensic scientists to gain an authoritative voice in the courtroom and to forge a professional identity in the space between forensic medicine, scientific policing, and independent expert witnessing. In so doing, it improves our understanding of how forensic science developed as it did. This book is essential reading for academics and students engaged in the study of criminology, the history of forensic science, science and technology studies and the history of policing.

Alison Adam is Professor of Science, Technology and Society at Sheffield Hallam University. She is the author of Artificial Knowing: Gender and the Thinking Machine and Gender, Ethics and Information Technology.

Introduction 1. The Relationship Between Science and Law: Expert Witnesses in the Courtroom 2. The Influence of Scientific Criminology and Criminalistics 3. Technoscience and the Technologies of Criminal Identification 4. Scientific Detection, Scientific Aids and Forensic Science Laboratories 5. Forensic Science Careers and Self-Images 6. Forensic Science and Forensic Fiction Bibliography.


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