Once there was a boy who sneezed so hard, he forgot his own name. Then he sneezed again, and he forgot where he was, and who his mom was, and a whole bunch of other important stuff. Pretty soon he’d sneezed out everything he learned the entire year. ACHOO! . . . and spelling, math, and all the U.S. presidents came flying out of his nose. And things just got worse from there. . . .
     Humorous, understated text and outrageous, vividly colored illustrations tell how the boy gets everything he’s forgotten back into his head where it belongs, making for a tale that is truly sneezesational.


"Lucke's choice of mixed-media illustration is well suited to the mishmash of knowledge that comes shooting out the boy's nose, green slime and spray sometimes accompanying them. Various perspectives give readers plenty of opportunity to see the action. Additional sneeze facts are listed on the rear flap, and the back cover sports some helpful (and humorous) warnings."—Kirkus Reviews

Deb Lucke once sneezed so hard she forgot her own name . . . but only for a second. She is also the author-illustrator of The Boy Who Wouldn’t Swim and other books, and lives in upstate New York. Visit her at


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