The Polar Bears Are Hungry.pdf

The Polar Bears Are Hungry.pdf


In the second collaboration of the mother-and-son team that created Mothers Are Like That, two cubs are born to a polar bear. Mother bear teaches her cubs how to swim and hunt seals. But when the ice melts earlier than usual—the result of a changing climate—there is not enough food to keep her milk rich or to feed her cubs. Emboldened by hunger, the bears venture into human territory, where they are captured and caged in a special jail for bears until winter returns and the ice forms once more. Then the bears are released to hunt again on the shifting floes of the Arctic.
This lyrical story of a mother and her babies is beautifully illustrated and based on fact. It includes a detailed afterword on the effects of global warming on polar bears.

"[An] attractive repeat collaboration. The acrylic illustrations capture the bears and seals perfectly. A good choice for the classroom." (Kirkus Reviews )". . . vibrant colors. . . the story takes readers from snowbank to sea to land. An intriguing slice of polar life." (Booklist, ALA )" . . . the author's graceful text is excellent. . . . breathtaking scenes captur[e] the whiteness of landscape and animal. . . An excellent discussion starter." (School Library Journal )

~Carol Carrick has written more than twenty-five well-received books for Clarion, including PATRICK'S DINOSAURS, one of the many books illustrated by her late husband, Donald Carrick. She lives in Edgartown, Massachusetts.Paul Carrick is the son of Carol and the late Donald Carrick. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he lives in Boston, Massachusetts. MOTHERS ARE LIKE THAT is his first book.~


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