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Designing Adaptive and Personalized Learning Environments.pdf


Designing Adaptive and Personalized Learning Environments provides a theoretically based yet practical guide to systematic design processes for learning environments that provide automatic customization of learning and instruction. The book consists of four main sections: In Introduction and Overview, the concepts of adaptivity and personalization are introduced and explored in detail. In Theoretical Perspectives with Example Applications, various theoretical concepts underlying adaptive and personalized learning are discussed, including cognitive profiling, content based adaptivity, exploration based adaptivity, and mobile and ubiquitous settings. In Practical Perspectives with Example Applications, the implementation process for adaptive and personalized learning environments is described, followed by application in various contexts. In Validation and Future Trends, various evaluation techniques for validating the efficiency and efficacy of adaptive and personalized learning systems are discussed. This final section concludes with a discussion of emerging trends in adaptive and personalized learning research. Based on cutting-edge research, Designing Adaptive and Personalized Learning Environments is appropriate as a primary textbook for both undergraduate and graduate courses focused on the design of learning systems, and as a secondary textbook for a variety of courses in programs such as educational technology, instructional design, learning sciences, digital literacy, computer based systems, and STEM content fields.

Kinshuk is Associate Dean of Faculty of Science & Technology and Full Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at Athabasca University, Canada. He also holds the NSERC/iCORE/Xerox/Markin Industrial Research Chair for Adaptivity and Personalization in Informatics, funded by the federal and provincial governments of Canada and by industries.

Section 1: Introduction and Overview * Defining adaptivity and personalization * Major clients of adaptivity and personalization * Role of adaptivity and personalization in education * Contexts Section 2: Theoretical Perspectives with Example Applications * Cognitive profiling * Content based adaptivity and personalization * Adaptivity and personalization in exploration based learning * Adaptivity and personalization in mobile and ubiquitous settings Section 3: Practical Perspectives with Example Applications * Implementation process of adaptive and personalized learning environments * Adaptive and personalization learning in various contexts * Reusability in adaptive and personalization learning Section 4: Validation and Future Trends * Evaluation of adaptive and personalized systems * Future development & research issues


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