Video Games: An Introduction to the Industry.pdf

Video Games: An Introduction to the Industry.pdf


Video Games offers a highly visual, example-led introduction to the video game industry, its context and practitioners. Filled with full-color, illustrated interviews and case studies, Bossom and Dunning give insights into the creative processes involved in making games, the global business behind the big budget productions, console and online markets, as well as web and app gaming and the (re)emergence of the indie game scene. Video Games is supported by web-based resources, exemplar work and extended interviews. Finally, both in print and online, the authors have selected links to relevant content, such as TED talks, studio addresses and other websites/blogs to help place the book in the wider games' industry community. Interviewees include: Ian Livingstone, OBE Dylan Beale, Chief Production Officer, Born Ready Games Alex Williams, Head of Games, Miniclip Anna Marsh - Project Manager/ Game Designer Lady Shotgun Aram Bartholl, Digital Artist Peter Molyneux, Founder 22 Cans David Bowman, 3D Artist, Blue Zoo

Ben Dunning, lecturer in Graphic Design and Interactive Media at Kingston College, UK. Andy Bossom, lecturer in Interactive Gameplay Design, Digital Narrative, Game design and development at Kingston College, UK.

Introduction 1. The Origins of Play 2. Who Makes Games 3. Game Tech 4. Lateral Thinking 5. Games and Society 6. The Business of Games Glossary Bibliography Further Reading Index


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