Multicore Software Development.pdf

Multicore Software Development.pdf



Multicore Software Development provides a short-format book that discusses the practical processes and techniques used for multicore software development.

The book, written with a focus on solving day-to-day problems using practical tips, tricks, and industry case studies will help users reinforce key concepts in multicore software development.

  • Presents the ‘nuts and bolts’ of setting up a multicore system
  • Provides a short-format book on the practical processes and techniques used in multicore software development
  • Covers practical tips, tricks and industry case studies to enhance the learning process

Robert Oshana has over 30 years of experience in the embedded software industry, primarily focused on embedded and real-time systems for the defense industry and semiconductor industries. He has BSEE, MSEE, MSCS, and MBA degrees and is a Senior Member of IEEE. Rob is an international speaker and has over 100 presentations and publications in various technology fields and has written several books on embedded software technology. Rob is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and Director of Global Software R&D for Networking and Multimedia at Freescale Semiconductor.


    1. The multicore landscape
    2. Principles of parallel computing
    3. Parallelism in all of its forms
    4. Multicore architectures
    5. Multicore software programming models
    6. Multicore development process
    7. Multicore programming with threads
    8. Performance in Multicore systems
    9. Example of sequential to parallel migration
    10. Parallel programming abstractions
    11. Concurrency abstraction layers
    12. Debugging Multicore Systems


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