The South East London police squad are suffering collective burn out: Detective Sergeant Brant is hitting the blues and physically assaulting a police shrink, Chief Inspector Roberts’ wife has died in a horrific road accident and he takes solace in gut-rot red wine, and WPC Falls is still figuring out how to navigate the job of a black female investigator in the notorious squad. When a serial killer takes his show on the road, things get worse for all three. Nicknamed “The Blitz” by the rabid London media, the killings get more and more brutal as the killer aims for tabloid immortality by killing cops in different beats around the city.

This London-based cop series starring Detective Sergeant Brant is Ken Bruen at his edgy, lethal, and sharp-tongued best. With a major film based on

Blitz, a whole new audience will be exposed to this deeply moving and dazzling writer.

Ken Bruen was born in Galway, Ireland. After turning down a place at RADA, and completing a doctorate in Metaphysics, he spent 25 years as an English teacher in Africa, Japan, South East Asia and South America. An unscheduled stint in a Brazilian prison where he suffered physical and mental abuse spurred him to write, and after a brief spell teaching in London, he returned to Galway, where he now lives with his daughter.


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