EY Tax Guide 2016.pdf

EY Tax Guide 2016.pdf


Maximize your 2016 tax return

EY Tax Guide 2016 turns filing your taxes into a simple process. While tax code is admittedly complex, this trusted guide offers specific solutions for tax payers, including homeowners, self-employed entrepreneurs, business executives, and senior citizens, to help you zero in on the best tax strategy for your financial situation. Green tips offer updated insight into environmental credits for green initiatives that can maximize your return. Additionally, this authoritative text provides at-a-glance reference sheets for key subject areas, including changes in tax law, common errors to avoid, tax breaks and deductions, and more.

If you find tax preparation an intimidating process you are not alone; however, you can simplify your taxes by turning to a trusted guide for support. The EY Tax Guide is an approachable yet authoritative resource that has acted as the go-to reference for individual taxpayers for years. With this text, you can understand the deductions you are entitled to and maximize your return.

  • Explore the top tax preparation errors, increasing your return and protecting your wealth
  • Consider tax strategies that are specific to your particular financial situation, tailoring your preparation approach to your needs
  • Leverage money-saving tips and other useful information, such as insight regarding tax law changes and tax breaks
  • Streamline the filing process with the tax organizer, and plot your preparation on the tax calendar to meet key deadlines

EY Tax Guide 2016 is an integral resource that guides you in maximizing your tax return through trusted tax filing techniques.


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