Communication Science Theory and Research: An Introduction to Advanced Study.pdf

Communication Science Theory and Research: An Introduction to Advanced Study.pdf


This volume provides a graduate-level introduction to communication science, including theory and scholarship for masters and PhD students as well as practicing scholars. The work defines communication, reviews its history, and provides a broad look at how communication research is conducted. It also includes chapters reviewing the most frequently addressed topics in communication science. This book presents an overview of theory in general and of communication theory in particular, while offering a broad look at topics in communication that promote understanding of the key issues in communication science for students and scholars new to communication research. The book takes a predominantly "communication science" approach but also situates this approach in the broader field of communication, and addresses how communication science is related to and different from such approaches as critical and cultural studies and rhetoric. As an overview of communication science that will serve as a reference work for scholars as well as a text for the introduction to communication graduate studies course, this volume is an essential resource for understanding and conducting scholarship in the communication discipline.

Part I. Communication Theory 1. Philosophy of Science: Introducing theory 2. What is Communication? 3. History of Communication 4. The Chicago School and thinking quantitatively 5. Positivism/Causality/Explanation 6. The Frankfurt School and thinking Qualitatively 7. Doing Research in Communication Science Part II. Communication Research 8. Effects Models of Mass Communication 9. Media Use Models 10. Message Processing 11. Medium Theories (Agenda Setting, Spiral of Silence) 12. Interpersonal Communication 13. Small Group Communication 14. Organizational Communication 15. Persuasion 16. Political Communication 17. Intercultural Communication 18. Health Communication 19. Computer Mediated Communication 20. Relationships, Marriage and Family Communication 21. The Future of Communication


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