Learn to Code with Games.pdf

Learn to Code with Games.pdf


With this practical, applied approach to learning programming readers can easily grasp foundational programming concepts by solving practical, relevant problems in a game development context. The foundational technical content, such as data types, variables, functions, and arrays, are covered from this unique problem-solving approach. Readers will use techniques like pseudocode and process mapping to formulate a solution without the need to type anything into a computer. They will then convert the solution into executable code. This allows readers to exercise the problem-solving process distinctly from the syntax and technical issues associated with programming on a computer.

Our Hero is Trapped! Solving problems. Coder's Approach 1: Pseudocode. Coder's Approach 2: Process Mapping. The Hero's Journey. The Hero's Destiny. The Hero's Friends. The Battle Begins. Challenging the Villain. Appendix.


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