Amphibians' End: A Kulipari Novel.pdf

Amphibians' End: A Kulipari Novel.pdf


In this dramatic finale to the Kulipari trilogy, the future of the Amphibilands looks bleak. With the scorpion Lord Marmoo stronger than ever and still manically bent on taking over the Outback, Darel can't fathom why the Rainbow Serpent wants him to lower the Veil, the Amphibilands' only source of protection. But the Serpent's message is clear and in preparation for the inevitable battle, Darel and the Kulipari go out in search for someone, anyone, to fight on their side. The Trap Door Spiders and Possums both promise to help if they can--but they're not warriors and have a dwindling water supply. Without strong allies and without the Veil, the Amphibilands quickly fall to the Scorpion Lord, and the frogs and their friends are cast into the Outback in search of water and a new home. When all hope seems lost, Darel stumbles upon a strange red rock that grants him access to the Outback's water, saving his friends and family and ruining Marmoo's dam of hoarded water (and Marmoo himself). The frogs, together with their allies, start over--this time, in an inclusive community where "it takes all kinds" to survive.

Trevor Pryce is a retired NFL player and writer who's written for the New York Times and He's also developed television and movie scripts for Sony Pictures, Cartoon Network, Disney, ABC and HBO, among others. Joel Naftali is the author of many books, several written with his wife, Lee. Sanford Greene is an accomplished comics illustrator whose work has been published by DC Comics and Dark Horse.


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