The Modern Law of Marine Insurance: Volume 4.pdf

The Modern Law of Marine Insurance: Volume 4.pdf


Written by an expert team of academics and practitioners, this latest volume analyses contemporary legal questions and debates arising out of market practice, and provides a thoroughly modern and up-to date analysis of marine insurance law. It also provides invaluable coverage of the law and practice in Europe, Australia and the USA. Topics covered include: * Subrogation * Marine Insurance Act 1906 * Third party liability cover * Duty of good faith * The impact of The Cendor MOPU on the Institute Cargo Clauses * Conflict of laws in light of the recast Brussels I Regulation * Doctrine of legality This book is essential reading for maritime practitioners, academics, and companies involved in the marine insurance industry worldwide.

Professor Rhidian Thomas is an Emeritus Professor of Maritime Law at Swansea University, and is the Founding Director of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law.

Chapter 1: Marine Insurance Act 1906 - Magnificent Achievement or Monstrous Aberration by Professor Robert Merkin QC & Professor Sarah Derrington Chapter 2: New Parameters in Construing Insurance Contracts by Professor Baris Soyer Chapter 3: The Negligent Broker: Three Problems in the Assessment of Damages by Professor Andrew Tettenborn Chapter 4: Co-Insurance and Leading Underwriter Clauses by Professor Emeritus D.Rhidian Thomas Chapter 5: The Insurer's Obligations of Good Faith and the Insurance Bill 2014-15 by Christopher Hancock QC Chapter 6: The Fraudulent Claims Principle: The Mental Element by Claire Blanchard QC Chapter 7: The Insured's Right to Interest when the Premium is Rendered Following the Avoidance of an Insurance Contract by David Foxton QC Chapter 8: The Impact of The Cendor MOPU on The Institute Cargo Clauses By John Dunt & William Melbourne Chapter 9: The Place of Subrogation in Insurance Law: The Deceptive Depths of a Difficult Doctrine by Peter Macdonald Eggers QC Chapter 10: The Effectiveness of an English Jurisdiction Agreement in a Marine Insurance Policy and Settlement Agreement of Claims under that Policy by Professor Yvonne Baatz


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